Monthly Archives: October 2013


Welcome to Anja Rathmann-Lutz

We welcome a new member of staff as part of GRAINES. As of October 2013, Dr Anja Rathmann-Lutz will be joining the Steering Committee on behalf of the Basel team replacing Roberto Zaugg who has recently joined Sciences Po, Paris.

I am a historian and art historian and received my PhD from the University of Hamburg and is currently Assistant Professor (Wissenschaftliche Assistentin) at the Department of History at the University of Basel (Switzerland).


My research concentrates on the cultural history of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, especially on the perception of change in the high Middle Ages, the political use of images and questions of visibility, the history of late medieval cities and questions about temporality and space time relations.

Welcome to Ulrike Lindner

We would like to welcome Ulrike Lindner as part of the Steering Committee of the GRAINES network. Ulrike has recently joined Cologne University as a specialist in late modern European and imperial history. Roberto Zaugg has moved from Basel University to Science Po, Paris and will keep contributing to GRAINES activities from Paris.

Reading & Workshop Group Mapping Transnational (Hi)Stories

Over the coming year, the St Andrews part of GRAINES will initiate a number of reading group events, followed by a smaller series of workshops to which all GRAINES members are more than welcome.

Events and readings will both be updated here under Projects, Interests and (virtual) Groups as well as on the Centre for Transnational History webblog.