Welcome to our Writing Session #Graines2018

Global Europe. Connecting European History

Going against stereotypes:
  • Historians are slow…. (and we love it! And there are good reasons!)
  • Historians are lone wolfs… (and we love it, those days in archives and libraries… just leave me alone!)
  • BUT let us be different (just for an hour), learn from Coding, Computer Sciences, Speed Dating (no kissing and hugging, unless you want to) – PAIR WRITING (driver and co-pilot)

What we need:

  • Pairs of 2 – 1 Computer (needed per pair) – 1 Idea Sticker
  • Either 2×30 mins or 1×60
  • Create a Document with names – punchy title & punchy paragraph or two (send to bs50@st-andrews.ac.uk)
  • Take 5 minutes to discuss your 1 or 2 points of writing

Goal, Format and Setup:

  • Think: BLOG – as in Be prepared, Language matters, Opinion matters, Go for it
  • Write a paragraph or two on ANY point of interest from “Global Europe” – a text, a point of discussion, what you learned, what you would like to share with others, which idea you take home… OR write the first page of your PhD!
  • Questions? …. GO FOR IT! Have fun… but not too much, be productive

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