#Graines2018 impressions

Here are some of our #Graines2018 (Twitter) impressions from the Sciences Po, Reims campus, 6-8 June 2018. Reims may have a cathedral, but the Sciences Po campus is a cathedral in its own right.


Sciences Po Reims

Here we go: With Jakob Vogel introducing Global Europe.

Jakob Vogel Welcome

And straight into Kapil Raj’s (EHESS) keynote – Calcutta, dogs, alcoholics…fascinating world.

Kapil Raj

And over to the students: 5-7mins speedy, punchy presentations.

Project discussion

Ok, global-transnational Europe…gimme a break. We are also here for coffee, are we not?

Gimme a break

Over to Natalie Scholz (University of Amsterdam) for her keynote.

Natalie Scholz

Research into local food culture, yummy! Gluten here we come.

Matt's pleasures

Marketa Krízová (Charles University) taking us to early Latin America and European missions…and utopia.

Marketa Krizova

Marketa Krizova (Prague)

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