The Place: SciencesPo Menton

SciencesPo andBeach


The Panorama

Menton Panorama

Mediterranaean views

Above: The joy of a Mediterranean Summer School

Impressions from the Summer School 

plenary session

Above: The first plenary session ahead

Introducing Centres

Above: Getting started for the Reading Groups on Centres and Peripheries: Jakob Vogel (SciencesPo), Markian Prokopovych (Vienna), Stéphane van Damme (SciencesPo/EUI Florence)

la mensa 1

Above: La Mensa. An academic tradition

The view 1

Above: Yes, and the food was, well, nice. Dinner at the beach

Discussing Tom, Tomek et al

cuningham discussion

Above: Commenting each other’s works, Mariusz Lukasiewicz (Geneva), Pascal Schillings (Cologne), Xu Chong (Paris), Tom Cunningham (Edinburgh)

(from left to right)

Epiphany on transnational history? Björn and Scott

Above: In between Reading Groups and Key Notes: A moment of epiphany, Björn Nordgren and Scott Schorr (St Andrews)

2013-06-18 13.08.38

Above: The reason behind epiphany. Roberto Zaugg’s (Basel) lively explanations of transnational flows and entanglements

Key note Roma

Above: Our Key Note speaker Elena Marushiakova (Sofia) with Tomek Kamusella (St Andrews) chairing

lunch break and view

view vers l'Italieview old menton

Above: Enjoying spectacular views at lunch break

St Andrews students

Above: Enjoying the break Martin Schaller, Jordan Girardin (both St Andrews), Mariusz Lukasiewicz (Geneva), Björn Lundgren (St Andrews)

Struck Kamusella cuddling, fightin, discussing?

Above: A transnational cuddle in between

2013-06-18 13.55.59

Above: Markian Prokopovych (Vienna) enjoying the view of old town Menton

View 1

Above: Apologies for all who could not be there. Yes, this is the view from SciencesPo, Menton


Tom Crossing borders

Above: Daily routines. Early birds transgressing borders. 6.48am Tom Cunningham (Edinburgh) on his way to Italy

6.30am Dr struck transgressing borders

Above: 6.49am Bernhard Struck (St Andrews) safely arrived in Italy. But where is the road? A question of early modern borders


Above: The Alsace, a German-Franco border region, seen from the perspective of a borderless country. Our key note speaker Akiyoshi Nishiyama (Tokio)

reading borders

Above: Reading group and plenary discussion on Borders and Contact Zones

Busy Jordan martin 2

Above: Facebook? No, certainly blogging for #Menton 2013. Martin Schaller and Jordan Girardin (St Andrews)

Stéphane, Tom, Pascal

Above: The coffee in between. Stéphane van Damme (SciencesPo/EUI), Pascal Schillings (Cologne), Tom Cunningham (Edinburgh) (from left to right)


Above: Discussions in between

Jordan networks

Above: Presenting borders, webs and networks: Jordan Girardin (St Andrews)

discussing projects jordan

Above: Discussing borders: Björn Nordgren (St Andrews), Sarah-Maria Schober (Basel), Jordan Girardin (St Andrews), Dimitrios Varvaritis (London)

The joy of the beack Martin

Above: At the end of the day – Off to the beach

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