Professor Ulrike Lindner
History, Cologne |

Dr Markian Prokopovych
History, Vienna |

East Central European history (main focus Hungary, Poland, Ukraine), urban history, cultural history of the long nineteenth century, history of architecture, theatre, music and nationalism

Dr Anja Rathmann-Lutz
History and Art History, Basel |

Historian and art historian; cultural history of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, especially on the perception of change in the high Middle Ages, the political use of images and questions of visibility, the history of late medieval cities and questions about temporality and space time relations.

Dr Bernhard Struck
History, St Andrews |

European history (mainly German lands, France, Poland), eighteenth and nineteenth century, Enlightenment, history of travel, science and border regions

Professor Jakob Vogel
History, Sciences Po Paris |

Jakob Vogel Professeur d'Histoire de l'Europe Sciences Po Paris

Modern European History (mainly Western Europe), 18th-early 20th century; European colonial history, History of the nation and nationalism, Military history, transnational History of knowledge and sciences

Dr Stepan Zbytovsky
German Studies, Prague |


History of German culture in East Central Europe; reflections of history in German literature after 1945;constructions of social identities and urban cultural space in literary historiography.


Dr Anna Becker
History, Basel |

History of political thought from antiquity (both Greek and Roman political thought) through medieval and early modern political thought up to c. 1650; state formation in early modern Europe; Renaissance intellectual and social history; humanism; gender and politics; European legal history; commentaries on Aristotle’s Politics, Ethics and ps-Aristotelian Oeconomica.

Dr Nicolas Delalande
History, Sciences Po Paris |

Social and economic history in the nineteenth and twentieth century, History of social sciences and political economy; History of the State.

Dr Heinrich Hartmann
History |

French and German History nineteenth and twentieth century, History of Public Health Care, History of Social Sciences and Demography, modernization and rural development, European-Turkish Relations, Public Health Care, History of Family Planning and Birth Control, History of the Military, Business and Economic History

Dr Tomasz Kamusella
History, St Andrews |

Modern Central and Eastern European history (mainly Belarus, the Czech lands, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine), (cross) border region of (Upper) Silesia, language politics

Dr James Koranyi
History (ex-St Andrews, now Durham) |

European history (mainly Romania and Germany), nineteenth century to present, historical narratives, Cold War history, conceptual issues of identity and memory, migration, east-west paradigms, cultural history.

Professor Marc Lazar
History/Political Science, Sciences Po Paris |

European political history (mainly Italy); History of the 20th century; History of the Cold War; History of the European Left.

Professor Martin Lengwiler
History, Basel |

Social and economic history in the nineteenth and twentieth history, history of science and knowledge

Dr Pascal Maeder

Transnational modern and contemporary history, migration in Europe and North America, labour migration, history of mobility, flight, asylum, diaspora, nationalism, post-cololonialism, urban societies and social change

Professor Paul-André Rosental
History, Sciences Po Paris |

European social history; History of the 20th century, History of Social Sciences, History of migration; History of the State and public administration, history of expertise and knowledge.

Professor Benjamin Schenk
History, Basel |

Modern Russian and Eastern European History, Comparative Imperial History, History of Cultural Memory in Europe, Mental Maps and Historical Regions of Europe, History of Infrastructure, History of Mobility, Autobiographical Practices in 19th Century Europe

Professor Philipp Ther
History, Vienna |

Modern Eastern European History, history of opera and music, cultural topographies during the long nineteenth century, migration, comparative history of nationalism

Dr Roberto Zaugg
History, Sciences Po (Paris) |                         

Early modern history; networks, institutions and practices of trade in the Mediterranean and Atlantic; Italian history; history of migration; autobiographical writings; citizenship and foreignness; judicial and diplomatic practices; travel writing; slave trade and relations between West-Africa and Europe.